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May 5, 2014 posted by Sean Sheepskin

Fantasy and funny paintings by Russian illustrator Sergey Svistunov

Fantasy and funny paintings by Russian illustrator Sergey Svistunov

Russian artist Sergey Svistunov (aka Fear-sAs) was born in a small city in Moscow region in 1985. Now he is a professional 2D illustrator and hobbyist making awesome funny and mainly fantasy (but also horror) style pictures. Sergey has the high level of skills and unbridled flight of fancy. His paintings include terrible monsters, fantasy girls, mystical landscapes, and just strange mythical essences. So let’s have a look at his great job.


Village Theme Empty Shadow Just my dream Sexy foot Portrait Purple Dream Woman with mask Matvey Forest Good Night Hearts My dusk September Flame Autumn Snag and Sea Sketch A03 Time goes by Spyhunter Dirt Avatar Avatar and McDonalds Spectral Dancer Wallpaper SUB-ZERO Mortal Kombat RAIN - Mortal Kombat Lineage 2 Bang Mileena - Mortal Kombat Queen of Spades Sad Dreamer Cut the Rope Your New Brownie Vasya Saucy jester Laputa robot Gates of the fall Short improvisation Sand ship Cupid 2012 Hare Oh these mushrooms Problems? 23 february Angry Birds Infected mushroom Pushkin and Dantes Peace! Labor! May! Vampire MAC world Natalie the Bird Owl and mice World without lie and provocations!


How does he do that? Here, a couple of examples of Sergey’s drawing process

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