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June 25, 2014 posted by Sean Sheepskin

Funny art: Amusing illustrations by Belarusian artist Denis Zilber

Funny art: Amusing illustrations by Belarusian artist Denis Zilber

Denis Zilber is a professional freelance illustrator and animator originally from Belarus, currently living in Israel. He mainly draws for magazines and books’ covers, taking orders from customers all around the world. We picked up the most nice and funny illustrations from Denis Zilber’s blog and posted it here. Enjoy!


Wellcome to our town Editorial for Blazer magazine F#@k you Tel-Aviv! Inmates Shitting on Kremlin Something new & Sweet dreams Finished piece Smoking kills I am not done with you yet! Popeye the Sailor New greeting card 100! Editorial for Medved magazine Booooobs! More boobs Go tigers! Poker players Jabberwock Season Six & Super-pooper Slap! They stole my pants Yet another classic abduction story Editorial Peter Pan Forever young Old biker GQ. Editorial Getting in shape Hey! Ho! Playing toys Having fun We never listen to our fathers Boxing Magician Dolce vita Christopher Hitchens Cupid Hercules Mick Jagger and Keith Richards FHM magazine Snobs Badass Mops Home alone FHM magazine June 2011 FHM June 2011 - 2 Take it easy! & Pool girl Houston, we have a problem Oldtimer Editorial - 2 150th birthday Ukrainian brides Pin-up illustration Future medicine Happy Birthday! Spring That look Twilight Arrghh! What if Sharky Well it could be worse… & Wrong guy! Sea Wolf Uh…Houston? Picnic Park Bath Room Little mummy

The Blue Caterpillar
Here is a video of drawing process

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