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The westernmost city of Russia: Dying city of Baltiysk

The westernmost city of Russia: Dying city of Baltiysk

Baltiysk is a seaport town called ‘Western Gate’, located in Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia. Prior to 1946 known by its German name Pillau. Besides a big seaport Baltiysk is the main base of the Baltic fleet of the Russian Federation. Being located in a nice place with beaches, the sea, and having beautiful old German architecture, now this city is in a really horrible condition and seems like it is getting worse year by year.


Dying Baltiysk - 01Now we are going to look into the town. Let’s start from residential yards.

Dying Baltiysk - 02Government does not help, so some people try to repair houses by themselves. Looks rather mean..

Dying Baltiysk - 03

Dying Baltiysk - 04Trash is everywhere.

Dying Baltiysk - 05And, it lies for years.

Dying Baltiysk - 06The inscription on the wall: No doubt, I love you and you only.

Dying Baltiysk - 07What the hell is that? What the sense does it make?

Dying Baltiysk - 08

Dying Baltiysk - 09Endless repair.

Dying Baltiysk - 10

Dying Baltiysk - 11A lot of abandoned buildings.

Dying Baltiysk - 12 Dying Baltiysk - 13 Dying Baltiysk - 14

Dying Baltiysk - 15A huge amount of thrown cars.

Dying Baltiysk - 16

Dying Baltiysk - 17Looks like a shot from a zombie movie.

Dying Baltiysk - 18People in Baltiysk are not that friendly.

Dying Baltiysk - 19This old woman said that there is no life in the city.

Dying Baltiysk - 20This is the main street in the centre of town.. after recent repair.

Dying Baltiysk - 21 Dying Baltiysk - 22

Dying Baltiysk - 23The old German architecture still looks not that bad.

Dying Baltiysk - 24

Dying Baltiysk - 25This building belongs the Baltiysk navy. And, it might look really great if the government would repair it.

Dying Baltiysk - 26

Dying Baltiysk - 27The administration of the city in the background.

Dying Baltiysk - 28So, a part of Baltic navy of Russian Federation. Oh well..

Dying Baltiysk - 29‘Normal’ roads.

Dying Baltiysk - 30

Dying Baltiysk - 31It is actually still the main street of the town. Well, usual Russian roads..

Dying Baltiysk - 32Almost scary! Possibly this is an art of locals.. but it reminded me another horror movie.

Dying Baltiysk - 33Who knows, maybe this smile is the only one in the whole city.

Dying Baltiysk - 34Yeah, still there is something good there as well. This is the wedding bridge.

Dying Baltiysk - 35..and these swans are just lovely. They beautify the grey painting of the city.

Photos: Dmitry Trunov

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