White beaches of Siberia: Frosty party on the lake Baikal

Fun, cocktails, and frost

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Crazy Russian roads: Ushanka hat, adhesive tape and a car

Cute video from the streets of Novokuznetsk

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Skateboarding on the roof of the Olimpiysky Swimming Pool

In Moscow

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Extreme height: Crazy cityscapes by thrill-seeker Ivan Kuznetsov

65 crazy photos by Russian thrill-seeker from Moscow

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Surf in Siberia: Who said that Russia and surfing are not compatible?

Surfing in the Russian style

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Enchanted race: Zombie attack in the Sokolniki Park in Moscow

Zombie attack against people in the capital city of Russia

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Russian BASE jumping: Flying from the Avatar mountains in China

9 photos + video

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Breathtaking height: Photos by Russian thrill-seeker Marat Dupri

43 crazy photos from height by Mister Marat

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Climbing on top of the Motherland Calls Monument in Volgograd

Another crazy climbing on the 85 meters construction

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Climbing on old over-the-horizon radar system Duga in Chernobyl

Crazy climbing on the huge Soviet radar system in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

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Russian rafting style: How guys have fun under the ground

Russian rafting down an underground river

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Russian daredevils: Climbing on the Shanghai Tower

Crazy Russian urban climbers are on the top of the Shanghai Tower

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