Movie-Twins: Russian actresses and their Hollywood doubles

There is the theory about that every person on the planet has their own doppelganger. And, we have found a few more people who can definitely prove it. These 11 actresses of Russian and Soviet movie have striking similarity to Hollywood stars of cinematography of the last century.

Let’s have a look and compare; some of them are just like real twins and that is amazing.

Dorothea Kent & Lyubov Orlova

Dorothea Kent vs Lyubov Orlova

Elizabeth Taylor & Tamara Makarova

Elizabeth Taylor vs Tamara Makarova

Vivien Leigh & Anastasiya Vertinskaya

Vivien Leigh vs Anastasiya Vertinskaya

Audrey Hepburn & Iya Ninidze

Audrey Hepburn vs Iya Ninidze

Giulietta Masina & Yanina Zhejmo

Giulietta Masina vs Yanina Zhejmo

Grace Kelly & Julia Vysotskaya

Grace Kelly vs Julia Vysotskaya

Judy Garland & Lyudmila Gurchenko

Judy Garland vs Lyudmila Gurchenko

June Duprez & Irina Skobtseva

June Duprez vs Irina Skobtseva

Monica Vitti & Lyudmila Maksakova

Monica Vitti vs Lyudmila Maksakova

Shirley MacLaine & Yelena Koreneva

Shirley MacLaine vs Yelena Koreneva

Brigitte Bardot & Svetlana Svetlichnaya

Brigitte Bardot vs Svetlana Svetlichnaya

Via: Culture | Updated by Sean Sheepskin

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