My husband and I were in a cafe and we drank coffee…

My husband and I were in a cafe and we drank coffee.
My husband was young, handsome and I loved him.

I was wearing this old coat which had been a burden in my life. I was suffering from inferiority complex and I hated this coat because it did not warm me but only made me feel ugly.

This cafe was cheap, and the coffee did not taste good.

At the time, I was dreaming about the day when we are in a beautiful restaurant drinking delicious coffee, and I would be fashionably dressed. Meanwhile, my husband was staring at me with his shining eyes. He loved me and he never knew what I was being depressed about.

…He had died young, and I was left alone.

Afterwards I had lots of different cafes, a variety coffee and an abundance of fashionable coats.

But I didn’t have him.

Now I often recall a time when I had everything, but I did not realize it.

A fragment from the book ‘About fireflies and humidors’ by Elena Rog

Translation: Sean Sheepskin
Photo credit: Nikita Starostin

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