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Russian Salvador Dali: Surrealistic paintings by Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush is sometimes called ‘Russian Salvador Dali’. He was born in Moscow and moved to the USA; now he has four his own galleries in America. It is almost impossible to unravel Vladimir’s surrealistic pictures, they are magnificent, one might examine these paintings for hours.

Here, We collected the most impressive art of the talented artist.

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  1. Vigilant Citizen would have months of work reviewing and interpreting these extraordinarily beautiful renditions of….

  2. They certainly bring to mind what an artist envisions when compiling such works as these. There is certainly much hope displayed in this work, and a curious abundance of butterflies (?). While this kind of fanciful work doesn’t often call out to my senses, I certainly appreciate the talent and value of his work, with many pieces open for deliberation forever. If asked to explain the meaning behind his different pieces, I am certain he would say, like most fine artists, the meaning is left to the beholder.

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