The best Russian photos of 2013: Part 1 of 10

We would like to present you winners’ photographs of ‘The best photos of Russia of 2013‘. We find this competition one of the most interesting and going to keep posting greatest pictures every year. So, stay tuned!

This is part 1 of 10 (34 photos).

Power of water
Power of water : Amur Oblast : Vitaly Ragulin
Water discharge on the Zeya HPP during the floods in Amur region
St. Basil's Cathedral
St. Basil’s Cathedral : Moscow : Sergey Semenov
Winter game
Winter game : Nizhny Novgorod : Lidia Sharapova
From the past
From the past : Volgograd : Anton Ermakov
Pragmatist : Kamchatka region : Dmitry Utkin
Arctic Fox is picking up some fish thrown on the shore by the sea waves
Graduation ceremony
Graduation : Moscow : Alexander Kazakov
Graduation ceremony at the Moscow Suvorov Military School
The poster on the wall
A poster on the wall : Moscow : Dmitry Zverev
An advertising poster of a TV soap on the Taganskaya underground station
Wedding feast
Wedding feast : Kubachi, Republic of Dagestan : Valery Melnikov
Awaiting for the bride
Awaiting for the bride : Balkhar, Republic of Dagestan : Ivan Dementiyevsky
There is a tradition in a village of Balkhar to lead a bride to a house of her bridegroom by night
Easter : Tolga, Yaroslavl Oblast : Vladimir Orlov
Vvedensky nunnery in the village of Tolga
Do, re, mi..
Do, re, mi.. : Saint Petersburg : Vasily Tserevitinov
Thirst : Voronezh Oblast : Vadim Trunov
Chickenpox : Moscow : Tatyana Vorotyntseva
Love on the August's heart
Love on the August’s heart : Kansk, Krasnoyarsk Region : Vladimir Abikh
A Siberian homeless with a strange name August is showing a tattoo of his loved woman
Lunch : The city of Vladimir : Galina Grigorieva
Waxwing is having lunch (Dogrose berries)
Jumping in the water
Jumping in the water : Astrakhan : Maxim Korotchenko
Between the baptism sacrament and Easter
Between the baptism sacrament and Easter : Tolga, Yaroslavl Oblast : Vladimir Orlov
Funeral of a nun at the Vvedensky nunnery in the village of Tolga
Crystal birds
Crystal birds : Moscow : Sergey Romashev
Caution : Vladikavkaz, Republic of North Ossetia–Alania : Zarina Hadikova
The centuries-old harsh Ossetian traditions don’t let a grandfather hug his granddaughter at her wedding. What is more, she can’t even talk to him
Before fighting
Before fighting : Saint Petersburg : Igor Evdokimov
20th of October 2013. Saint-Petersburg. The Ice Sports Palace
Portrait of an artist
Portrait of an artist : Nizhnedevitsk, Voronezh Oblast : Andrei Arkhipov
Ivan Zanin is a former teacher of drawing at a country school. His paintings behind him
Natalia : Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan : Daniel Kontorovich
Ladybug's morning
Ladybug’s morning : Voronezh Oblast : Vadim Trunov
Shy : Lipetsk Oblast : Sergey Belykh
A female titmouse is looking for some seeds to eat
Fire fighting
Fire fighting : The city of Ivanovo : Maria Sibiryakova
Wedding : Ekaterinburg : Evgeny Kazekin
A bride's morning
A bride’s morning : Moscow : Svetlana Melnikova
Funeral of a son
Funeral of a son : Chelyabinsk : Sergey Kolyaskin
Dowry : Balkhar, Republic of Dagestan : Ivan Dementiyevsky
The village of Balkhar. The second day of the wedding
Moscow Mordor
Moscow Mordor : Moscow : Oleg Zhukov
One second prior to turning on evening illumination
Autumn : Voronezh : Konstantin Tolokonnikov
The hostess of the black mountain
The hostess of the black mountain : Saint Petersburg : Sergey Smirnov
Model – Yuliana Smirnova. Hairstyle – Anjelica Kalinina. Visage – Svetlana Polokhina
To work
To work : Moscow : Alexander Anufriyev
Kazansky railway station, early morning. People are walking away from just arrived train
Style of black
Style of black : Moscow : Konstantin Kryukovsky
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