The best Russian photos of 2013: Part 1 of 10

Winners ‘The best photos of Russia of 2013‘ – Part 1 of 10 (34 photos).

Power of water
Power of water : Amur Oblast : Vitaly Ragulin
Water discharge on the Zeya HPP during the floods in Amur region
St. Basil's Cathedral
St. Basil’s Cathedral : Moscow : Sergey Semenov
Winter game
Winter game : Nizhny Novgorod : Lidia Sharapova
From the past
From the past : Volgograd : Anton Ermakov
Pragmatist : Kamchatka region : Dmitry Utkin
Arctic Fox is picking up some fish thrown on the shore by the sea waves
Graduation ceremony
Graduation : Moscow : Alexander Kazakov
Graduation ceremony at the Moscow Suvorov Military School
The poster on the wall
A poster on the wall : Moscow : Dmitry Zverev
An advertising poster of a TV soap on the Taganskaya underground station
Wedding feast
Wedding feast : Kubachi, Republic of Dagestan : Valery Melnikov
Awaiting for the bride
Awaiting for the bride : Balkhar, Republic of Dagestan : Ivan Dementiyevsky
There is a tradition in a village of Balkhar to lead a bride to a house of her bridegroom by night
Easter : Tolga, Yaroslavl Oblast : Vladimir Orlov
Vvedensky nunnery in the village of Tolga
Do, re, mi..
Do, re, mi.. : Saint Petersburg : Vasily Tserevitinov
Thirst : Voronezh Oblast : Vadim Trunov
Chickenpox : Moscow : Tatyana Vorotyntseva
Love on the August's heart
Love on the August’s heart : Kansk, Krasnoyarsk Region : Vladimir Abikh
A Siberian homeless with a strange name August is showing a tattoo of his loved woman
Lunch : The city of Vladimir : Galina Grigorieva
Waxwing is having lunch (Dogrose berries)
Jumping in the water
Jumping in the water : Astrakhan : Maxim Korotchenko
Between the baptism sacrament and Easter
Between the baptism sacrament and Easter : Tolga, Yaroslavl Oblast : Vladimir Orlov
Funeral of a nun at the Vvedensky nunnery in the village of Tolga
Crystal birds
Crystal birds : Moscow : Sergey Romashev
Caution : Vladikavkaz, Republic of North Ossetia–Alania : Zarina Hadikova
The centuries-old harsh Ossetian traditions don’t let a grandfather hug his granddaughter at her wedding. What is more, she can’t even talk to him
Before fighting
Before fighting : Saint Petersburg : Igor Evdokimov
20th of October 2013. Saint-Petersburg. The Ice Sports Palace
Portrait of an artist
Portrait of an artist : Nizhnedevitsk, Voronezh Oblast : Andrei Arkhipov
Ivan Zanin is a former teacher of drawing at a country school. His paintings behind him
Natalia : Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan : Daniel Kontorovich
Ladybug's morning
Ladybug’s morning : Voronezh Oblast : Vadim Trunov
Shy : Lipetsk Oblast : Sergey Belykh
A female titmouse is looking for some seeds to eat
Fire fighting
Fire fighting : The city of Ivanovo : Maria Sibiryakova
Wedding : Ekaterinburg : Evgeny Kazekin
A bride's morning
A bride’s morning : Moscow : Svetlana Melnikova
Funeral of a son
Funeral of a son : Chelyabinsk : Sergey Kolyaskin
Dowry : Balkhar, Republic of Dagestan : Ivan Dementiyevsky
The village of Balkhar. The second day of the wedding
Moscow Mordor
Moscow Mordor : Moscow : Oleg Zhukov
One second prior to turning on evening illumination
Autumn : Voronezh : Konstantin Tolokonnikov
The hostess of the black mountain
The hostess of the black mountain : Saint Petersburg : Sergey Smirnov
Model – Yuliana Smirnova. Hairstyle – Anjelica Kalinina. Visage – Svetlana Polokhina
To work
To work : Moscow : Alexander Anufriyev
Kazansky railway station, early morning. People are walking away from just arrived train
Style of black
Style of black : Moscow : Konstantin Kryukovsky

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