The best Russian photos of 2013: Part 3 of 10

Winners ‘The best photos of Russia of 2013‘ — Part 3 of 10 (34 photos).

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Bullfinch : Nikolskoye, Leningrad region : Denis Matveev
Balance : Moscow : Olga Makarova
Attraction : Moscow : Irina Guseva
Tea time
Tea time : Syo-Yakh, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area : Sergey Anisimov
Bypassing the nature
Bypassing the nature : Moscow : Dmitry Chelyapin
Looking for a dance partner
Looking for a dance partner : Tyumen : Vladimir Ognyov
Iron wedding
Iron wedding : The village of Vatutinki : Alexander Korneev
65 years being together. The day of family and fidelity. July of 2013
Among the stars and snow dust
Among the stars and snow dust : Sochi : Kirill Umrikhin
Loneliness : Huzhir, Irkutsk region : Vladislav Rink
The stars on the wings
The stars on the wings : Novorossiysk : Dmitry Vinogradov
An American fighter Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk (which was supplied for the USSR) was shot down in 1943 during the battle for Malaya Zemlya (Minor Land)
To see through heart
To see through heart : Biryulevo, Moscow region : Masha Alekseeva
Elena and her husband are completely blind, but it doesn’t hinder to live the full life and grow their little child
A bride
A bride : Ulyanovsk : Ramil Yakupov
The picture was taken in a mosque in the city of Bolgary, The Republic of Tatarstan
A giant's foot
A giant’s foot : Moscow : Igor Yefimov
A graveyard
A graveyard : The village of Inchoun, Chukotka autonomous area : Konstantin Lemeshev
Walking : Moscow : Mikhail Dzhaparidze
At the World Athletics Championships in Moscow
Working in a holiday
Working in a holiday : Ufa, Bashkortostan : Yulia Kovshova
A usual workday at someone’s wedding
Balabanov's funeral
Balabanov’s funeral : St. Petersburg : Ruslan Shamukov
Funeral of a Russian film director Alexey Balabanov. St Prince Vladimir’s Cathedral
Chulyshman River valley
Chulyshman River valley : Barnaul, Altai : Konstantin Maslak
Yuryuzan's origin
Headwaters of Yuryuzan : Tyulyuk, Bashkortostan : Fail Absatarov
A couple
A couple : Moscow: Andrey Kuzmich
A Dagestan wedding
A Dagestan wedding : The village of Balkhar, Republic of Dagestan : Ivan Dementiyevsky
For the celebratory table
For the celebratory table : The village of Balkhar, Republic of Dagestan : Ivan Dementiyevsky
An underground worker
An underground worker : Leninsk-Kuznetsk, Kemerovo Oblast : Roman Shalenkin
Shock : Moscow Region : Liouba Trifonova
A day
A day : Saint Petersburg : Victoria Polzikova
Cucumbers : Uglich : Yaroslavl region : Alexey Skalin
Bullfinches came
Bullfinches came : Saint Petersburg : Alexander Belenky
Trees cutting on Fields of Mars
Midday shadows
Midday shadows : Yaroslavl region : Maxim Samokhvalov
Young graces of Irina Winer
Young graces of Irina Winer : Moscow : Svetlana Yakovleva
Gays' parade
Gays’ parade : Moscow : Andrey Svitaylo
A slice of an orange
A slice of an orange : Vyra, Leningrad region : Evgeny Ivanov
The road to home
The road to home : Wildlife area of Southern Kamchatka : Gennady Yusin
Less than a kilogram
Less than a kilogram : Arkhangelsk : Vera Kostamo
On a podium
On a podium : Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad region : Vladimir Fedorenko

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