The best Russian photos of 2013: Part 4 of 10

Winners ‘The best photos of Russia of 2013‘ — Part 4 of 10 (34 photos).

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Autumn : Saint Petersburg : Sergey Smirnov
Model: Anna Polozova. Hairdress: Alexander Shevchuk. Makeup: Svetlana Polokhina
Mom! Tell me a fairy tale!
Mom! Tell me a fairy tale! : Novosibirsk : Andrey Chernykh
Almshouse. Nowa-days
Almshouse. Nowa-days : Omsk : Dmitry Feoktistov
That man
That man : Novovoronezh, Voronezh Oblast : Evgeny Salnikov
Awaiting for climbing
Awaiting for climbing : Terskol, Kabardino-Balkar Republic : Alexey Zavodsky
Elbrus by night. A few minutes before climbing, 4500 meters
Moscow, 2013
Moscow, 2013 : Moscow : Leonid Doronin
Moscow, 2013 - 2
Moscow, 2013 – 2 : Moscow : Leonid Doronin
By night..
By night.. : Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Khabarovsk Krai : Maxim Rybin
A camp of EMERCOM of Russia
Leader : The village of Nikolskoye, Lipetsk Oblast : Sergey Belykh
The Motherland calls
The Motherland calls : Moscow : Tatyana Shavrina
Guard house Neptune
Guard house Neptune : Kronshtadt, Leningrad region : Alexey Antonov
The clash paratroopers with riot police
The clash paratroopers with riot police : Saint-Petersburg : Dmitry Tsyrenshchikov
The clash paratroopers with riot police after gay picket on the day of the air paratroopers on the Dvorcovaya Square
A cat
A cat : Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Oblast : Arseniy Neyman
Sunny DogTherapy Dogs for Children with Special Needs 2
Sunny DogTherapy Dogs for Children with Special Needs 2 : Moscow : Vitaly Illarionov
Dog Therapy is a unique way for the rehabilitation and re-integration into society of children with physical and mental challenges. Dog therapy has a rich history abroad, but has only relatively recently emerged in Russia
A first-grader
A first-grader : Moscow : Irina Guseva
Dust, dirt and rock'n'roll
Dust, dirt, and rock’n’roll : The village of Blagoveshchenskaya, Krasnodar Krai : Fedor Obmaykin
Music festival ‘Kubana’ – 2013
During a prayer
During a prayer : Grozny, Chechen Republic : Said-Hussein Tsarnayev
An employee of the Interior Ministry of the Chechen Republic
Frost and the Sun! A wonderful day..
Frost and the Sun! A wonderful day.. : Saint Petersburg : Yulia Osmolovskaya
The Russian Santa Claus (Ded Moroz) is coming
Rain : Republic of Bashkortostan : Elena Safonova
A Russian celebrity at a music concert in the city of Ufa
Plateau Manpupunyor
Plateau Manpupunyor : The city of Troitsk-Pechorsk, Komi Republic : Natalya Onishchenko
Veterans : Shcherbinka, Moscow region : Alexander Korneev
A veteran of World War II Alexander Yurasov is holding a portrait of his son Oleg Yurasov who has died in Afghanistan in 1989
Cold veins of Altai
Cold veins of Altai : The city of Ust-Caen, Altai Republic : Anton Agarkov
A music school
A music school : Moscow : Alexander Kazakov
My women
My women : Saint Petersburg : Olga Vasilyeva
The underground station 'Prospect Mira' in the rush hour
The underground station ‘Prospect Mira’ in the rush hour : Moscow : Dmitry Zverev
Harsh Siberian sport
Harsh Siberian sport : The village of Tyungur, Altai Republic : Irina Yakunina
Kovalev's attack
Kovalev’s attack : Moscow : Georgy Shpikalov
Taming of horses
Taming of horses : The village of Aginskoe, Zabaykalsky Krai : Sergey Dorzhiev
Farewell to Gorshok
Farewell to Gorshok : Saint Petersburg : Alexey Danichev
Fans are saying goodbye to a Russian rock star
Siesta : Moscow : Svetlana Romasheva
Having some rest after lunch at a Moscow zoo
The Day of Memory
The Day of Memory : The village of Smolenka, Zabaykalsky Krai : Evgeny Epanchintsev
Farewell to mother
Farewell to mother : Vologda Oblast : Tatyana Hodorchenko
Afar : Saint Petersburg : Lilia Taylor
A migrant's breakfast
A migrant’s breakfast : Balashikha, Moscow region : Rostislav Krasnoperov

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