The best Russian photos of 2013: Part 7 of 10

Winners ‘The best photos of Russia of 2013‘ — Part 7 of 10 (34 photos).

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Swim : Ussuriisk, Primorsky Krai : Igor Egorov
Nikolsky churchyard
Nikolsky churchyard : Ivanovo Oblast : Pavel Paladyev
And, deers are better
And, deers are better : Tarko-Sale, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug : Sergey Rusanov
Meat : Novosibirsk Oblast : Christina Syrchikova
Autograph : Moscow : Evgeny Feldman
After the preelection meeting (on the cover: Alexei Navalny)
Friends of a bride
Friends of a bride : Bryansk : Alexey Aksyoshin
Awaiting : Sestroretsk, Leningrad oblast : Andrey Chepakin
Awaiting for a bride before the wedding ceremony
Back in 1950s
Back in 1950s : Moscow : Vera Fetishcheva
Anlyo Pilat
Anlyo Pilat : The village of Esso, Kamchatka Krai : Vasily Tserevitinov
Keyhole : Saint Petersburg : Sergey Smirnov
Model: Ekaterina Altman. Make-Up: Svetlana Polokhina
Red squares
Red squares : Saint Petersburg : Sergey Smirnov
Model: Zoya Belonozhkina. Make-Up: Svetlana Polokhina
In the land of the fairy tale
In the land of the fairy tale : Perm : Anna Gorbach
Unnamed : Saint Petersburg : Andrey Klemeshov
Ballerina Ksenia Yaskovets
A light cold morning
A light cold morning : Aradan, Krasnoyarsk Krai : Alexander Leshchyonok
Turquoise : Murmansk : Nikolay Gernet
Evening Dus-Hol
Evening Dus-Hol : Erzin, Tuva Republic : Alexander Leshchyonok
A granddaughter just got married
A granddaughter just got married : Ryazan : Elena Oskina
Anatomy of ice
Anatomy of ice : Huzhir, Irkutsk Oblast : Andrey Narchuk
The lake Baikal
Zen Breakers
Zen Breakers : Dubna, Moscow Oblast : Oleg Smirnov
I know what you are thinking about
I know what you are thinking about : Moscow : Dee Talkin
The Che city
The Che city : Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic : Nikolay Dutkin
The training 'West-2013'
The training ‘West-2013’ : Kaliningrad Oblast : Olga Balashova
Unnamed : Dubna, Moscow Oblast : Tatyana Belova
The birth of one butterfly
The birth of one butterfly : Troitsk, Moscow region : Yulya Dubrovskaya
A physics exam
A physics exam : Moscow : Tanya Evseeva
Unnamed : Moscow : Irina Grigoryeva
Blessing : Moscow : Anastasia Kuzmina
Sarai Batu
Sarai Batu : Astrakhan Oblast : Evgeny Raylyan
The only one among the people
The only one among the people  : Rybinsk : Dmitry Zemskov
Dust. Smoke. Happiness
Dust. Smoke. Happiness : The village of Blagoveshchenskaya, Krasnodar Krai : Artem Vindriyevsky
Music festival ‘Kubana’ — 2013
Dreams of blue whales
Dreams of blue whales : Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic : Yury Pritisk
A breath of the North summer
A breath of the North summer : Salekhard, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug : Sergey Anisimov
Water Rodeo
Water Rodeo : Moscow : Dmitry Chelyapin
Evgeny Anisimov
Evgeny Anisimov : Moscow : Andrey Davydovsky

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